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S5 Ep32 COVID Management and Medical News

We talked about organic food, a published COVID protocol from prevention to hospital care, and an essay on the electrification of the world.

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S5 EP31A Have no Fear

Updates on the real happenings with COVID with reports from epidemiologists and reporters that are not on MSM. What can you do to manage COVID care at home?



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S5Ep31 Guest Phil Safier

Our special guest and I will discuss the fear of the coronavirus and how to enhance your immune system. We will also try to make sense of the statistics that are given to us daily.


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Welcome back to our podcast Phil Safier of

Elixa: 30 years of producing cutting-edge health products and information on natural methods of attaining optimal well-being.

We believe that one must pay attention to physical, mental, and emotional issues to achieve optimal wellness and peak being. At Elixa, you will find products that go beyond simple maintenance and quick “cures”. We focus on the essentials that establish a strong foundation for vibrant living and adaptation to stress.

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Dr. Wong is our guest for an informative interview

Hear this Naturopathic doctor who also has a PhD and one of our most popular guests on Dr. Ron Unfiltered Uncensored. We discuss immunity, systemic enzymes and other topics.

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Are fish oils toxic?

Hear the renowned professor and the expert on fatty acids discuss the toxicity of marine lipids.

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