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Light is perhaps one of the most underappreciated healing agents available. James Carroll, an expert in light as therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, has the ambitious goal of making photobiomodulation a first-line therapy for 100 diseases in 100 countries, by the time he's 100 years old — which is about 45 years from now.

Guests are Dr Mike a physician and physicist and Phil Safier from Elixa


Drs Ron, Gerry and Dan will discuss this and other medical topics with their interpretation of the latest news.

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Drs Ron Gerry and Dan with over 150 years of medical experience discuss issues in medicine that you don't hear on the main stream outlets for news. Archived episodes are on itunes, google play, blubrry, stitcher, itune radio and others.

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Bennet Omalu

Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu is a Nigerian American physician, forensic pathologist, and neuropathologist who was the first to discover and publish findings of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in American football players while working at the Allegheny County Coroner's Office in Pittsburgh.

Bennet Omalu discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in former football players, sparking years of denial from the NFL and the creation of a movie about his life's work.

For Omalu, the release of Concussion served as the ultimate vindication for years of hard work, and provided a spotlight for other endeavors. Along with his position as chief medical examiner for San Joaquin County, he serves as president of Bennet Omalu Pathology, as well as associate clinical professor of pathology at UC Davis Medical Center.

Omalu has a new book, “Truth Doesn’t Have a Side.” The book further details the link between football, CTE and other diseases caused by brain trauma.

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Drs Ron, Gerry and Dan bring over 150 years of medical experience to discuss and interpret current medical news with views you will not get from the main stream. Tune in at 347-989-8899 or listen to the archived shows on iTunes, TuneIn, Google Ply, Stitcher and Blubrry. 

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