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Dr. Ron and Dr. Gerry have over 100 years of experience. Dr. Ron is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice, Licensed Acupuncturist and a Charter member of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Gerry is a certified dentist with honors and degrees in natural healing and he is a sought after speaker and author. 

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Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi is Senior Medical Advisor for Elevate Hemp and has written numerous health and wellness books and spoken on such topics extensively, including on The Doctors, 20/20, CNN, etc. Dr. Khaleghi has helped launch multiple testing companies that focus on creating scientific rigor for supplement therapies. Through such trials and testing, he has developed an expertise on the endocannabinoid system, and the potential for treatments targeting this system. He is passionate for natural interventions that can decrease pain and inflammation, support mood and stabilize energy.

  Athletes as early adopters: Whether you are an ultramarathoner or a powder hound, you want to find recovery relief without the unnecessary risks and complications associated with pharmaceutical products such as opioids.


Dr Ron and Dr Gerry are always bringing you the latest medical innovations and news so that you can lead a full life and have options to prescription medications.

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Dr Gerry and Dr Ron will review current medical topics and sort out the fake ones so that an informed decision is made. We have over 100 years of medical experience between us and we are eager to share.

Since inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, we will discuss it and means to prevent and treat it.



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Dr. Ron and Dr. Gerry, with over 100 years of combined experience, discuss relevant topics in health and wellness and give you the "Other side of the story"

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