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Dr. Ron and Dr. Gerry with over 100 years of medical experience will interview Michael Grant White. Michael Grant White is on a mission to awaken the breathing consciousness of the world. He can share breathing tips people can use to improve their health and their workout and has insight into the oxygen-enhanced exercise trend. Michael Grant White is a holistic health expert, author, and international speaker who has dedicated his career to helping people improve their health through better breathing. As an Optimal Breathing Coach and the founder of, White is on a mission to make the world healthier one breath at a time.  

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Rerun Prof Peskin

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With September being Healthy Aging Month we will continue our education about living to old age while remaining healthy. Drs. Ron and Gerry have over 100 years of medical experience and continue to bring you medical information that you can use.

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Let's talk about what we should and should not do to remain healthy so that we can live a long life and remain young as we age. We will review lists of so called healthy food which are not really healthy. The risks of polypharmacy and what to include in your daily routine.

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Dr. Ron and Dr. Gerry, with over 100 years of medical experience, will interview Alexis Brink on the art of Jin Shin. We are here to be a resource for you, to provide information so that you can make informed decisions on your health care.

Here are a few examples on how Jin Shin can help with common childhood ailments:

1) Flus: hold top of shoulder blade and each of the fingers to boost the immune system

2) Stomach ache: Place hands on tummy, fingers pointing down

3) Headache: hold the big toes.

4) Anxiety: hold index finger

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