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Smart Chat Covid-19

Listen as we discuss the vaccine and lack of transparency. Where's the beef.

Dr. Yeadon gives us some revealing information about COVID and there is an interesting report on GM soybeans.

What are the real facts on Covid testing and the vaccines. Are the vaccines safe? Is testing accurate and specific? Do we need masks? A Danish study s...View Details

Children are far more vulnerable to the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields than we are. Your child's brain absorbs two to three times as many ...View Details

Today we talk about the PCR Test, Modern Medicine and the Vaccine and its value and side effects.

There is a lot to know since the MSM is not reporting it. Let's talk about a few topics including mouthwash, high-intensity focused ultrasound for pro...View Details

Dr. Gerry Smith joins me to discuss the covid virus. Testing, treatment, and factors that affect us all.

My opinion on this Chinese virus and how it was used medically and politically to fundamentally change the world.

Let's summarize what the great professor said during the last 2 episodes because I know he had audio problems. Thanks for your patience.

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