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I had to erase Saturday's episode so today I am summarizing it and providing information so that you can be the CEO of your body. Saty well.

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S6Ep3 A redo of this episode on chronic inflammatiion

This episode on chronic inflammation aired on 1/19/21 but had major audio problems. They are now corrected and we continue to learn how chronic inflammation is the basis of most diseases. Thanks for your patience.

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S6 Ep3 The basis of chronic disease-Inflammation

Today we will continue to understand that chronic ongoing inflammation leads to cancer, diabetes, chronic pain syndromes, etc. 

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S6 Ep2 Inflammation. Take charge of your health

Today, we continue to learn about the cause of most chronic diseases. This is must-have knowledge and will also be associated with all of the autoimmune diseases that we are dealing with.

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S6 Ep1 How to take charge of your health

This year we want to concentrate on being the CEO of your own body. It will consist of an attitude of gratitude, a superior interior, getting your meat off the seat, and meditation and relaxation. Lastly, be informed and educate yourself to think critically. Question everything and be careful what you hope for.

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