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Dr. Wong and I will discuss blood transfusions and organ donations in this time of Covid and Blood and organs from the "vaccinated". Is there treatmen...View Details

Let's talk about Blood Pressure and Garlic, Honey and Tumeric, and Lipoic Acid with only the latest CDC numbers.

A well-planned deception with the faked PCR tests, false death numbers and a vaccine that isn't a vaccine. Who are the winners?

Dr. Phony Fauci has never been correct during this scamdemic. What do you think? Was this all about selling the bio weaponized vaccines?

What could go wrong with so many injected by a genetically engineered spike protein? It's been done before and it's safe? Right. That is what they tel...View Details

How many Pinocchios does Fauchi get?  Today, the latest from Vaers and some history that may point to the house of cards coming down

Of course, you have real symptoms but are you just using bandaids or are you getting to the cause?

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