2019 brings a new time slot and an upcoming name change that better informs our audience of our mission and content. Dr. Gerry and Dr. Ron will review current medical topics and sort out the fake ones so that an informed decision is made. We have over 100 years of medical experience between us and we are eager to share. 


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Stanley Ngui PhD, IMD is the founder of NGUI-MATRIX, a pain removal technique, that is non-invasive and knowledge-based. It can remove even the most complex pain, just by touch. He is the 23rd generation of the Ngui family. Since the age of four, he has studied with his father and various Masters of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His education includes a Master level in Qigong, Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services. Stanley was knighted into the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St John. He is currently the professor at large for WONM- University of Humanitarian Medicine Federation (WONM-UHMF). He is a clinician for over forty years. He is the President for Beyond Abilities Centre (a not-for-profit charity Organization). He is the past principal of the Academy Of Acupuncture. Stanley has taught seminars, workshops, classes and retreats, both locally and internationally. He was the speaker on radio and television shows.

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