How sweet it is. Or is it? Dr. Ron’s Wellness Hour.

Tonight let's discuss the connection between artificial sweeteners and obesity and other diseases. Tune in at 347-989-8899


Health Radio Network All Things Natural For Optimum Health

 We are introducing  the Cryo Spa at LipoLight Naples. The "Cool" place to be treated.

Health Radio Network All Things Natural For Optimum Health

We discuss advanced slimming technology and the effects of stress on your hormones. We use photonics to get a jump start and then test to balance hormones. We are about getting and keeping healthy. We have over 70 years of combined medical experience for this journey. Lipo-Light is the vehicle that will start you on the road to real health. We are broadcasting the latest medical and complementary medical news and our phones are always open for discussion. Listen for great guests on topics all related to your health. 347-989-8899

Lipo Light Naples

1575 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 6


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