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Time with Dr. Ron

Dr. Ron is with you for 30 minutes weekly on Tuesdays at 4PM. I will brong you the latest news on the medical front along with commentary. I will dise...View Details

Time with Dr. Ron

We continue our discussion of thyroid disease and will discuss lab testing and early treatment. We also will discuss currnet news events and medicatio...View Details

Hypothroidism is under diagnosed and causes a wide range of symptoms.

Thyroid disease has become very prevalent in today's world, courtesy of a numbe...View Details

Come listen in to

30 Min to health and healing.... learn about Whole Body Cryotherapy and its benefits

Time with Dr. Ron to talk and ask questions about Fibromyalgia. We will review work done by Dr. Axelrod and Teitelbaum. There are natural and allopath...View Details

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